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At Eckstein Law Firm, in Norman, Oklahoma, you will receive one-on-one personalized attention. You will also get a lawyer who cares about making sure the outcome you get will be fair and protect your interests now, and years down the road.

18 Years Of Experience In Mediation Sessions And Family Law Courtrooms

I am attorney Matt Eckstein. For more than 18 years I have practiced with integrity and compassion in all areas of Oklahoma family law. Clients come into my office feeling worried about misinformation they heard from a friend or colleague. Some come in out of fear they will face financial ruin from their divorce. For others — particularly men — it is a fear of losing their opportunity to be a good parent for their children.

Hiring the right lawyer is the first step in making sure none of your worst fears become a reality. I invite you to review my own experience and credentials at my attorney profile page link, below:

I Will Make Sure Your Rights And Interests Are Protected

First, let me assure you that the Oklahoma family law judges aren’t going to allow anyone to destroy their spouse or deny the other parent access to their children. The courts are there to ensure equal access under the law, not to pick a winner and a loser.

But let me also assure you that having the right lawyer leading your case can make a significant difference in your judgment. Finding the right framework for a settlement doesn’t happen in court; it happens through listening to your needs and concerns, then working hard at the negotiating table and in mediation.

When a settlement agreement is brought to court, the judge respects attorneys who have gone the extra mile to protect their client’s rights throughout the process. And that is why it is so important to have an attorney who has earned the respect of opposing lawyers, mediators and judges.

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Am I the right lawyer to lead you through your divorce or family law problem? Let’s start by talking about your specific circumstances. Call me at 405-896-9810, or contact my office by email to arrange a free consultation to answer your questions.

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