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At Eckstein Law Firm, in Norman, Oklahoma, I know that my clients’ needs must be my top priority. With more than 18 years of experience, I know how difficult divorce and child custody cases can be. I will help ease your stresses and fears by offering clear advice and honest information about what to expect and how the courts are likely to rule on specific issues.

Trust is critical to a successful outcome in family law matters, and I am proud of my reputation for integrity. With everyone from family, to friends, to co-workers offering advice on what you should do, it is important to be able to have someone in your corner who knows what it takes to handle family law cases both in and out of court.

Complex Divorce Disputes
If you are a high net worth individual, your divorce may require resolving disputes over complex issues. We offer experienced representation in areas involving securities, real estate, business ownership and retirement assets.

I am ready to help you in any family law dispute cases that may arise. You can seek advice from us for family law services such as:

  • Same-sex divorce cases
  • Divorce with children
  • Complicated divorce cases, including assets and child custody
  • Adoptions
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Child custody and child support

No matter how complicated your case may be, I am here to work through the details and advise you on the best possible course of action.

I Approach Every Case With Your Individual Needs In Mind

No two divorces or family law cases are the same because no two families have the same specific needs. I approach each and every case as its own by focusing on the needs and goals that are appropriate for your family. As your lawyer, I will:

  • Meet with you to see what your ultimate goals are for the outcome of your case.
  • Talk to you about realistic expectations of your case and then discuss the strategies that we think will work best and make sure they fit in line with how you wish to handle the case.
  • Determine if mediation might be the best option before pursuing a case in court and help you understand the ins and outs of the mediation process.

At Eckstein Law Firm, I know that the best way to handle family disputes is as quickly and easily as possible, to limit the amount of pain and expenses that a drawn-out battle can cause. I will work hard to help you settle your case through mediation or other means but will be prepared in case your trial will end up in court.

Avoid The Biggest Mistakes Associated With Family Law

Unfortunately, misconceptions can cause people to make mistakes when it comes to divorce and child custody and those mistakes can end up very costly. Some of the biggest mistakes you can make during a family dispute are:

  • Getting advice and often misinformation from well-meaning family and friends. It is important to remember that no two family dispute cases are alike. What your friends or family members may experience may not be the same as yours.
  • Being unaware of their options and often make emotional decisions which they can regret later. Family disputes are often heightened by anger, sadness and frustration, and it is important not to act before you know your options or you may come to regret your decision later.
  • Waiting too long to speak with an attorney. Time is a vital factor when it comes to family disputes and meeting with an attorney early does not mean that you are planning for a long court battle, it just simply means that you need advice and information on how to find the best course of action to achieve the goals and results you want.

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