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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the most important thing in your life is? Chances are, it’s your family. When faced with a serious legal problem that concerns the welfare or future of your family, there can be no second best.

I am Oklahoma family law attorney Matt Eckstein. I opened Eckstein Law Firm in Norman on the principle that people need and deserve to know their lawyer will take their divorce or family law problem as seriously as they do, themselves.

My Promises to you:
Promise Of Personal Attention: I Work With Every Client One-On-One
Promise Of Integrity: You Will Always Understand Your Legal Case And Your Fees
Promise Of Effective Representation: More Than 18 Years Of Litigation Experience

Proving That Integrity Makes A Difference For More Than 18 Years

What makes Eckstein Law Firm different? In the first place, you will never hear an empty promise about getting an unrealistic outcome. The courts simply don’t work that way. For 18 years, I have practiced with integrity and honesty. I will tell you what you need to hear and will work hard to protect your rights and interests. You will know where your case stands in the legal process and you will understand your legal fees and how you are being billed.

Most important, I will work directly with you throughout your case. Your family’s welfare will not be put in the hands of an inexperienced associate or referred out to another law firm. When we meet for a scheduled consultation, I will be at the table, personally reviewing your circumstances and explaining your options in clear language.

Why Does Your Lawyers Reputation For Integrity Matter?
Judges and opposing attorneys recognize and appreciate working with law firms they can trust. When considering whether a proposal is fair and reasonable, the first factor is often the name at the top of the legal brief.

Other Areas Of Practice

In addition to our family law practice, I also represent clients with legal needs in the areas of:

  • Juvenile law
  • Civil disputes and litigation
  • Criminal defense

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Whatever family law problem you are facing, you deserve a lawyer who understands how important it is to get it resolved efficiently and effectively. Call me at 405-896-9810, or use the email contact form to request a free consultation. I’m available weekdays 9 to 5, other hours by special arrangement. Credit Cards Accepted